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Queen of the Toci

I call her Theia. Tecitiya, eater of sin.
First and the last, to cleanse the past. The heart within.
All of the lands of the future believe, that she will be the Queen.
Of the vast sea.
Of the many.
Of you and me.
Of the Toci.

Song: Strange Flower (Eater of Sin)
Album: The 4th: Volumes | Vespinae
Artist: Sonic Parlor

Vespa The Red / Raven The Black

I see her face as we escape the end consuming our land.
Drifting, farther away. Our future in her hands.
Soon the flames will take her. As fate, eclipses our home.
She told me, she'll be fine.
Happy to die... alone.
Goodbye, Vespa. Goodbye.

Song: Goodbye, Vespa (Goodbye)
Album: The 4th: Volumes | Vespinae
Artist: Sonic Parlor


I'm going to take it all away.
And I don't even know why.
But, I think that I am right.
For I am drought.

Song: Drought
Album: Psychonemesis
Artist: Ballaarat


For now I can see the resurrection that radiates from me.
The rain, I have come to be.
Your resurrection, I have come to be.
The rain, I have come to be!

Song: Rain
Album: Psychonemesis
Artist: Ballaarat

Lightning Girl

Drift with tides and time.
Lightning girl what are you?
No simpering foolish child.
Light of brightness eye.
Soothing sayer in night of light, eclipsing dreams.
Lighting girl fast thing.

Song: Lightning Girl Fast Thing
Album: Bonus Tracks & Remixes
Artist: Earth Transmission

Phoenix / Anastasi / The Holder of Dreams

Reports are coming from all sectors.
Of how Anastasi is being hailed as a hero of the people.
And how she is now being referred to as... Phoenix.

Song: Anastasi Begets Phoenix
Album: Secrets | Fates: Tales of the Toci
Artist: Sonic Parlor

The Naught

You've seen me forced across a thin veil. Seen me trapped, silent, of no voice.
You are not in fear, for I willed my return.
You watched me stop and come apart. You watched me feed, on the weaker me.
You are not crying, along you said, goodbye.
You've seen angels come witness my rise. You've seen demons run to gaze in my eyes.
You are not insane, oh how we burn and fly.
You are the naught, nevermore.

Song: The Naught (Part V: End)
Album: The Naught (Parts I, II, III, IV, & V)
Artist: Sonic Parlor

Dr. Reason

The master's tongue rises.
So as he is trained the spider crawls out.
And the master says, "My lips are like stone, cracking with every smile".
The spider crawls back into his mouth.
Peering from his master's mouth, he watches the owner of the other voice leave.
...Doctor Reason

Song: A Tale Of The Spider
Album: Stellar Flow Of Life
Artist: Earth Transmission

The Cleric / King of Nightmares / The Fate

We have launched the system. To reduce the inbetween.
Why am I in this room you say? To toil all the day I say.
You are the process. You are the machine.
Human mechanics. You are the one it seems.
Well if it is terrors you want, it shall be terrors you receive.
Witness the becoming, of the King... of nightmares.

Song: The Becoming (The Serum)
Album: The 4th: Volumes | Vespinae
Artist: Sonic Parlor

The Watchkeeper / The Guard / The Corpse

Every night I would sneak her into the gate. I don't know if she knew this,
but these moments would be the highlight of my otherwise completely monotonous days.
Her confident stride as she would enter the keep with a focus dead set on her goal.
A power from deep within her would radiate from her skin,
in a glow that I thought for sure would blind the other guards and give us away.
But, I now know that was only my personal affinity for her,
my own desire to see her as a hero.

Song: His Hero is Rising
Album: Naerrata | 13
Artist: Sonic Parlor

The Processor / The Warden

I have learned your secrets.
I have removed your precious Naught.
I will bring forth my wrath.
I, Warden.
I am necessary.
I am valid.
I am. I am Warden.

Song: I, Warden
Album: Naerrata | 13
Artist: Sonic Parlor


Rain was stopped. Lightning is gone. Drought was driven away.
Phoenix has made the final rise. As Reason looks up to say...
Rise to become. Rise to become.
Anhedonia Stung. The Corpse has lain. Hereafter the King has broken.
Blood rage of the Queen cried out, words Vespa has spoken...
Rise to become.

Song: Rise to Become (Rise of the Red)
Album: Naerrata | 13
Artist: Sonic Parlor

The Prophecy / The Dragon / The Master / The Stigma

We shall bear witness to the prophecy.
Shall bear witness to the end of the naught and the rise of the red.
Rise to become. Rise to become. Rise to become one with the ageless nest.
The Lady and Lord Vespa. Master of the Vespinae. Master of the Unbroken.
Monarch and Matriarch of the 4th world.
The Red. The Tower. The Dragon... that never dies.

Song: Prelude (Exordium)
Album: Aeons | 13
Artist: Sonic Parlor